10 must-have things for a chic,trending closet.. 

In today’s world of intense gratification, we all want quick results and want to look the best .. 

Soo what are you waiting for you girls?? Just have a quick look at this list which will make you super cool and chic at the same time  , in no time and for sure within your budget.. 

Let’s get started beauties! 

  1.                 I would rate these super cool white sneakers on number 1. Can be worn with so many outfits- a pair of jeans, a day dress,with a t-shirt n shorts and so much more..
  2.                  Then comes the badge jeans . It will automatically make you look funky stylish. 
  3.                                                                                                     Culottes : a big hit these days. Elegant yet cool! A striped one is more in trend so I uploaded this awesome back n white culotte pants . 
  4.                                                                                   The knee cut ripped jeans with block heels or sneakers  will be a good choice for the day to be spent in comfort . 
  5.                                                                           Well! My boyfriend loves me in polos. 😝😉 and I personally love girls and women in polos. It will definitely make you look classy and chic at the same time. 
  6.   An off-shoulder crop top. Will give you the perfect chic and delicate look you want. 
  7.                                                                                                 The combination of boho and gladiators is always , undoubtedly , a job well done. – perfect chic look! 
  8.                                                                                                                                A cap works wonders, instantly , and gives you a supercool, funky, chic look. Just go on girls; accessorise your outfit with this one. 
  9.                                                                           Keeping it simple yet chic.. – a raglan sleeves top n a pair of cute ripped shorts.. And you look so cool n chic already.. 
  10.                                                                                    Whenever in doubt, just go for black.. Cuz black always works.. A black dress is a must have for every girl and women. Accessorise well , bling on or keep it simple – you’ll gather all the glares at the party. M sure! 
  11. Now this ones a bonus.. My title says 10 , but I cannot keep this thing hidden from you.. And this one definitely is a must have piece of clothing in trend.                                                                                                  So here you go on your way to becoming chic and cool .. And that too within an economical budget! Get going my gorgeous girls.. 👍🏻  & I hope you all liked my efforts.